Impact is what drives me


Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs

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I helped iCUBE International deliver an interactive and engaging half-day kick-off workshop for their annual entrepreneurship programme. I empowered the cohort to develop, build and consolidate their ideas and visions so they had the clarity and direction they needed to move forward with confidence. 

I invited Jack as a speaker at iCUBE's Startup Saturday and liaised with him throughout the preparation of the event. Jack was easy to get along with, understood the intended objective well and took great initiative to prepare the materials for the participants. He is very passionate about bringing impact to those around him and centres his actions around that. Jack is an incredible individual and a wonder to work with.

- Izzuddin, University Student 

Great coaching session on solution sketching by Jack during iCUBE UK's first Startup Saturday event in London, which has inspired and educated university students to kick-start their startup journey!

- Kevin, University Student

Jack is wonderful to work with, who has exceptional expertise in coaching, leadership and motivation within the entrepreneurship scene. I was very lucky to have him as coach for one of my society's events, where Jack went the extra mile to provide close guidance and support to our young aspiring student entrepreneurs audience, hence effectively equipping them with a strong foundation for a solid startup.

- Pearl, University Student 

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Creating space for the next generation of doctors

I worked with Imperial College London to help support their fifth year medical students in the build up to a series of intense examinations. We offered a drop-in coaching space for one day where students could reconnect with themselves, rebalance their mind and body and recalibrate so they could move forward with motivation and resilience.

Facilitating interactive workshops for future business leaders

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I collaborated with UCL's Entrepreneurship society to deliver and facilitate an interactive and engaging workshop to kick-off their annual startup programme. I also coached a cohort of five students on an individual one-to-one basis over a period of 3 months to help and support them feel confident, prepared and ready for pitch day.

Jack has hosted an incredible workshop for the bloomsbury start-up academy. He has, in his short time with the UCL start-up ecosystem, successfully inspired students to start challenging their assumptions and exploring various methods to re-validate their ideas!

- Rowan, University Student

Jack did a fantastic job leading the opening session of our start-up accelerator programme. Beyond his fantastic insights into entrepreneurship, he led the workshop with an open and collaborative format. By drawing from everyone in the room as well as his own knowledge, he fostered a really communicative atmosphere which has persisted beyond his session and set a fantastic tone for the rest of the programme. It was the second year running that we’ve collaborated with Jack and we hope to make it a third!

- Tom, University Student

Jack has been more committed to his endeavours than anyone I have met, having listened to his story it is truly inspiring how he has carried himself through that, and now is helping others do the same. Jack has given numerous talks at UCL Entrepreneurs Society, all of which were very interactive and extremely interesting.

- Sam, University Student

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Creating conversations around mental health and wellbeing

I supported DePaul's employees during their annual Mental Wellbeing Week activities through engaging in a Q&A. I shared my insights and experiences, and inspired the important conversation around mental health and wellbeing to extend beyond the event, and week.

As part of our activities around mental health awareness week, Jack participated in a Q&A session in which he shared his personal experiences of living with and beyond anorexia. Jack gave a really honest account of his experiences. It can be tempting to gloss over the less friendly aspects of ourselves and our mental health, but ultimately these are the aspects of humanity which we all share, so it felt important and useful to hear Jack’s honest account.

- Michelle, DePaul Charity