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mental fitness coach

empowering the next generation to fulfil their full potential

empowering the next generation to fulfil their full potential

I'm a mental fitness coach for teens and young adults. I facilitate exploration, discovery and transformation through providing a safe, comfortable and confidential space for young people to be open and honest about what's on their mind.

As a qualified coach and student of psychological counselling, my mission is to empower the next generation to fulfil their full potential. 


Making an impact is at the heart of everything I do. If you are interested in working with me, click here.

helping the next generation build confidence and resilience


Increase your level of self-awareness

Develop a deeper understanding of yourself

Take action to transform your mindset



creating an explorative space that leads to discovery and transformation

> Increase self-awareness and resilience 

> Build confidence and boost self-esteem

> Reduce and manage stress and anxiety

> Overcome challenges, issues and problems

> Identify, understand and change habitual behaviour

> Gain clarity and direction with your life and career 

> Discover and create meaningful, exciting and challenging goals ​

> Take action with purpose and focus




Making an impact on young people's lives is what fuels and drives me.


I've battled mental illness and had my fair share of ups and downs. Without access to adequate help and support, I self-coached myself to transform my mindset and life.


I believe change starts with you, although, this is usually the last place we look.

don't take my word for it, this is what young people say


My life had been torn apart because of bulimia - no self-love, no motivation, no desire going forward. And Jack turned it around for me, completely. 


A good coach is someone who can make their players see what they can be rather than what they are. That’s what Jack has done and is continuing to do for me.


Jack is an exceptional listener and allowed me to explore my mental strengths and weakness further. A brilliant professional who is dedicated to his craft.


The sessions empowered me to see how things are truly simple when we tend to over complicate them in our heads and thus tends to keep us back from seeing our own values and from progressing in our life


It has been an amazing experience which unfolded slowly but steadily after each session and was wrapped up so delicately, putting my thoughts in absolute harmony at the end.


Great coaching session on solution sketching by Jack during iCUBE UK's first Startup Saturday event in London, which has inspired and educated university students to kick-start their startup journey!


Jack helped me develop greater confidence, self-reliance and communication skills. Further to this, he's helped me tackle problems such as overthinking and anxiety, both of which were causing me severe stress, particularly in lockdown.


Jack has incredible listening and reflective skills, he can spot a problem easily, thus making his services exceptional. I would highly recommend Jack Jacobs!


Thank you Jack Jacobs for a brilliant coaching session. It's a great opportunity to be able to discuss goals and worries as a sixth form student so would definitely recommend to anyone who's at all interested.

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