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My mission is to maximise the potential and performance of the next generation

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Increase self-awareness and resilience


Build confidence and boost self-esteem


Create and build clarity, direction and focus


Discover and create meaningful, exciting, and challenging goals


Take action with purpose and focus

Creating safe, collaborative and powerful spaces

I create and facilitate safe, collaborative and powerful spaces where children, teens and young adults can build the self-awareness, skills and tools to develop, grow and thrive. I empower the next generation to go deeper and connect with themselves, the people in their lives and the world around them. I take them on an explorative journey, discovering values, beliefs, patterns and valuable insights about how they feel, think and behave. I help them take these observations and insights and turn them into actionable steps to create change and transformation in their lives. I facilitate a holistic space that includes connecting them with their bodies, to help them detect and manage the balance of key chemicals in their bodies through deploying Physically Intelligent exercises and techniques. Ultimately, I empower the next generation to connect the dots and move forward purposefully with motivation, confidence and resilience.

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Empowering our 
future leaders 

Young people are our future leaders, but before they can lead the world, they need to learn how to lead themselves. I help the next generation connect the dots within themselves, the people in their lives and the world around them, so they can create and build their identity and sense of meaning and purpose in the world. For the most part, the world we live in today is consuming our minds and leaving them full-up, so it's important now more than ever that young people have the space and time to think for and connect with themselves. 

Jack is an exceptional listener and allowed me to explore my mental strengths and weakness further. Whilst working with Jack he made me realise what I thought was complicated was actually quite easy and thus I cannot recommend anyone els more than Jack! A brilliant professional is who is dedicated to his craft.

—  Guarav, University Student

Enabling action
and steps of


Transformation is achieved through taking action. I create and facilitate safe, non-judgemental and non-assumptive spaces where young people can explore how they got here, where they are now and where they want to be in the future. I help them find clarity and direction through powerful questioning, supportive challenge and sharing insightful observations. We collaborate to build steps of confidence that empower them to take action and move forward purposefully. 

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